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Since 1985 the "MECHANICAL INDUSTRY USINAFER", has experience in manufacturing original parts for manufacturers (OEM's) and tiers of vehicles such as tractors, trucks and cars
With the headquarters in the city of Sorocaba, which enjoys a privileged location near the best roads in the country, with quick access to all regions of Brazil and Merco-South, thus facilitating the flow of production with low logistics costs. 
In 2008, with the experience and mastery in manufacturing original parts for various segments, brands are created "URP" (Parts Division) and "USR" (Bearing Division). Then comes the manufacture and marketing of parts, components and bearings for the market "Aftermarket". 
To meet the demand of the Aftermarket market, "USINAFER" invested in the latest equipment, such as CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, Generating PLC Gears, Dimensional Measuring Machine CNC Software updated for projects, designs and processes manufacturing. 
The "USINAFER" also has the technology, expertise and skilled professionals, thus having complete confidence in their processes of manufacture. 
Manufacturing and trading of parts, components and bearings for transmissions boxes and drive axles. 
Area of ​​Expertise: 
- Agriculture: tractors and harvesters 
- Cargo transportation: trucks 
- Automotive: medium vehicles 
The "USINAFER" constantly seeking recognition of best supplier in its market and the full satisfaction of its customers. 
Being a company market reference in the field of spare parts (Aftermarket), customer focused, on employee satisfaction, committed to profitability and growth in market share (market share). 
The Usinafer assumes, consciously, the mission of being a company committed to full customer satisfaction company, producing and / or marketing products that meet their expectations, with low cost and excellent quality. 
Respect for employees. 
Customer satisfaction 
Perseverance, integrity and honesty 
Constantly pursue excellence 
Preservation of the environment

Usinafer - Parts for Tractors

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