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The planting of the rice crop is 2012/2013 ended four municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul: Arroyo Grande, Bage, Rio Grande and Jaguarão. According to the survey of the Instituto Rio grandense Rice (Irga) gauchos producers already sowed 93.3% of 1061.907 hectares planned. 
The president of Irga, Claudio Pereira, planting evolves at the same pace as last year and the forecast is that by the end of the month the works are closed. "It is possible that some areas face difficulty in germination, because of lack of rain and this may affect some productivity in these areas," says the president. 
The earlier region is the South Zone, with 99.1% of the sown area, the region will devote to rice planting an area of ​​168,865,000 hectares. Of the five counties that make up the region, three have covered 100% of the area: Arroyo Grande, Rio Grande and Jaguarão. The cities of Pelotas and Santa Vitória do Palmar there are only 2% of the total to finish planting. 
The Western Frontier, the largest producer of rice, with 317.228 million hectares for the cultivation of grain, 97% finished. The cities that are part of the region, uruguaiana is planting larger extent in the state, are 102 000 hectares of rice planted this season and already 99%. The Outer Coastal Plain, 93%, the region of the Campaign, 90%, and includes the city of Bage by planting 100% finalized. In Inner Coastal Plain, 88.4%, and the Central Depression, 87%. 
Source: IRGA

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