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Tractors in Agrishow have comparable comfort to luxury cars


Rates and automatic pilot, pressurized, heated and air filtration, remote monitoring by a GPS system and up to 370 horsepower cabins. Items that would cause envy the owners of luxury cars are far from the streets and avenues. Are actually accessories of tractors on display at the 2012 Agrishow costing up to R$500 000.
Machines as the manufacturer of the MF 8600 Massey Ferguson model are equipped with continuously geared transmission that allows the producer to maintain constant speed, no power loss, and increase productivity. "It's more than an automatic transmission," explains coordinator Eduardo Martinatti Corns products. "Who knows automatic car will understand: is that the best rates for a Mercedes."
In addition to performance, the comfort of the tractor makes a difference at the time of purchase. The MF, for example, has 25 seat adjustments and the bank has the heating system - rarely needed in Brazil, but much in demand in Europe. 
"It is fundamental to all the conditions for the worker," said Elpidio Zanchet Nereus, 62, who produces corn and soybeans in Avare (SP). In the market to buy a planter - it will coupled to the tractor - valued at £ 90 000, Zanchet told G1 that operator comfort is one of the main items observed. "It is necessary". 
On one hand comfort is key on the other, practicality and safety are also prioritized in the tractors market. The manufacturer Landini Mistral 55 of Montana model has a sealed, heated and activated carbon filter to purify the air cabin. The manufacturer's intention is to avoid any type of operator contact with pesticides during spraying.


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